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The sun has cycles which run every 11 years, pretty much in sync with the orbit of Jupiter. About every 11 years, the Sun's north magnetic pole becomes south, and vice versa. (The sun does not flip upside down, just the magnetic fields). This is a pretty awesome motor-like phenomenon. It is also related to the electromagnetic influence of orbiting Mercury, which is composed mainly of iron. Mercury's iron tends to melt, or "freeze" solid, at certain times, and these states also influence the Sun.

The Sun's last pole reversal was in 2001, and, the next reversal is due, of course, in 2012. However, our sun has been acting extremely unusual in recent years, with low sunspot/activity. There is a fear that it is building towards ejecting massive solar flare(s), which COULD be capable of putting satellites, cellphones, phone-lines, and even electrical grids and CARS, OUT OF SERVICE, mostly temporarilly. (This is pretty much the same phenomenon of an "E.M.P." pulse, which can be unleashed by a large atomic bomm miles above a country). It would make sense that such a dangerous flare could occur around the time of the Sun's magnetic pole reversal in 2012.

The Earth's own magnetic field is not unrelated to that of the Sun. In fact, there are said to be particular "portals" of geomagnetic connection between locations on Earth and the Sun, (although I am not sure if these have been scientifically proven). So, weird geomagnetic events on the Sun can be mirrored by weird electromagnetic events on Earth. These can include core warming, tectonic activity, piezoelectric type changes, and even electromagnetic hot-spots like those that I have noted over Iowa, which can attract a lot of bad weather, flooding, etc.

True enough, the Earth north magnetic pole has been moving towards Russia at a rate of 40k per yearThat has been enough to shut the Tampa Florida airport down, in order to make computer/etc. adjustments.  The Earth sometimes flips it's own magnetic poles every so often - variably between every 5,000 years and greater.  It's a major event. First, though, it can lead not to a complete reversal, but to a scattering of a NUMBER of smaller poles across the Earth. Signs indicate that we are headed towards such changes, and the greatest danger would come in 2012. I believe this, and wikileaks, was the primary reason Hillary Clinton called a mass meeting of all U.S. Ambassadors from across the globe recently.

We have wondered what has been causing the bird and fish deaths recently. I have postulated that this could be related to planetary magnetic pole changes. And now, such theories are being reported. Earth's magnetic pole shift unleashing poisonous space clouds linked to bird deaths.

These big changes are already affecting things like: MY CFS, animal behaviour, human behaviour, weather changes, global warming, and the economy. The aggregate stresses can be related to increasing earthquakes, and dormant volcanoes reactivating. No one knows if the Earth's core is warming, but I have written why I believe it is. Further, the bottoms of the oceans are warming faster than anywhere else. Above sea level, it is the Ant/Arctic which are warming the fastest - and this puts pressure on tectonics and on ORBIT.

It is difficult for scientists to study whether there are correlations between Earth magnetic shifts and actual PLANETARY FLIPS. The latter is not impossible. Actual planetary flips, or shifts, have occurred in the past. The chances are greater than not that such flips may be related to magnetic pole shifts. And the reason I give is this: The spinning LIQUID part of the earth's core can allow the central core to, by relation to the sun, change its physical orientation. That would cause magnetic pole shifts as well as compel later planetary flips. This has been my own theory, but it stands a good chance of being correct. As always.  Why is the north magnetic pole racing toward Siberia?

More on the Earth's magnetic pole shifts can be found via NASA, WIKIPEDIA, PRISONPLANET.COM (and .tv), & INFOWARS.COM.

Finally, the electromagnet changes on the Sun affect us in another way. Solar flares, or coronal mass ejections, when hitting the Earth's realm, alter the protective magnetosphere surrounding our planet, which is related to our Ionosphere. Changes, mainly thinnings, of these spheres allow cosmic radiation, and/or electric fields, to pass through to our planet's surface, causing the electrical problems described above. (This is somewhat different to the direct Sun/Earth electromagnetic/gravitational connections). This influx, if intense enough, can also cause an acceleration of warming, cancer, DNA changes, and species extinctions. Presumably, an intense solar flare may also factor into possible Earth magnetic and/or physical pole shifts/flips.  SEE THIS!

Making things worse, a collapse of protection, due to DECREASED solar activity, has also been occurring!  See: UNUSUALLY LARGE COLLAPSE OF THERMOSPHERE and more detail HERE.

A planetary shift or flip COULD, theoretically, be enough to cause super-intense winds, extensive flooding over plains (as predicted by Edgar Casey), super-volcanic eruptions, and quick freezes (as once occurred to the Mammoths in Siberia). Studying a physical planetary shift is virtually impossible.

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